It’s snowing yippee

I’m getting a little bored of the niggling pain but others who have had similar surgery have been told that it could take months for the tissue to settle, so I should just put up with the little niggle, perhaps give it a name (Norman?) and send it a christmas card… but it’s not getting one next year so it should just blinking well enjoy the moment and then bugga off!
After a day of relative relaxation and yet more sorting of Mum’s photos and paperwork (believe me there’s heaps of it!), I headed out into the icy cold weather and snowy roads to a Christmas party with some friends I’ve not met up with for many years.  How lovely is it to just fit in where you left off so long ago?  There’s something so unique and comforting about being able to do that and indeed very special people to do that with.  A really fun and joyful night filled with frivolity and laughter.  Santa was there too to pass around some early presents – Louise had even created homemade crackers (thanks to Kirsty Alsop’s TV programme!) with some wonderful gifts; a festive teatowel which we were all to use instead of paperhats, plastic spinning top, green and yellow plastic bling and of course the obligatory festive joke or two (actually the below are my own selection of bad ones as sadly I could only remember a few when I was there!)
  • What do you call a rich elf?
    • Welfy
  • What’s brown and creeps around the house
    • Mince Spies
  • What did Adam say the day before Christmas?
    • It’s Christmas Eve
  • What sort of mobile has santa got?
    • Pay as you ho, ho, ho

I also, (it’s a girl thing) wore a non-surgical bra with my lovely new insert from Rigby & Peller.  I didn’t feel lopsided or odd and didn’t feel that anyone else noticed… maybe I can do this!

Thank you Adrian and gang for a really really super evening and making me laugh… really laugh!

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