4 days to go until the Conference

It’s with trepidation and excitement that I write this quick update. Only 4 days to go until the start of the Conference in Atlanta and, apart from the long flight to the US, I’m so looking forward to the Conference. I’m looking forward to meeting and having a hug with the Phyllodes ladies that have been such a strength and inspiration to me over the past few months. I’m looking forward to meeting up with a couple of old friends, one who lives in Atlanta and another who will be attending the Conference too. I’m looking forwad to learning so much more from others about managing their lives and moving on. I’m looking forward to the Conference for soooo many different reasons.

As you know from my story, I still have so many questions that I think about often, to do with being a survivor of Cancer and someone that hasn’t been told that I’ve got the all clear or someone who doesn’t know what her future holds – or whether she has a future. Last weekend I attended an NLP conference and one of the ‘tasks’ that we did early in the weekend was setting goals in our future – I went from my ‘relatively’ usual positive stance to someone that questioned if she had a future and when using an NLP technique could see only a black space when attempting to see into her future.

This affected me hugely and I nearly turned round and came home writing it off as a bad job.. but I didn’t. By the end of the weekend, I was able to see a future and importantly, a future that was positive, healthy, wealthy, fun and something to run towards and embrace. This was even when the pain was quite painful during the weekend… it always seems worst when I’m tired, cold or doing too much and the Conference was, as it should be, full-on!

So here goes… I DO have lots of questions and I DO have concerns about what I look like now and I DO wonder how I would handle a mastectomy, should the Phyllodes return… but what I do know is that if I attend the Conference and am ferociously curious about meeting people and learning from experiences, advice and attitude, I can draw only positives from my attendance and flourish from all that I am part of in this journey.

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