Follow up appointments

As you know I’ve been wondering when I’ll get my appointment through for my first 12 week check. Every whinge and pain reminds me that I’m waiting and me, being me, pushes it to the back of my mind with a ‘it’s just the breast tissue memory and scar healing’ – but even if it is, I’d like to know for sure.

So I called the hospital to find out when the 12 weeks runs from; my scans, surgery No. 1, surgery No. 2? The team I spoke to didn’t know the answer but did confirm that I had an appointment in the diary for 21st April. I’m not sure why I haven’t received any notification though but I guess that’ll mean that they take the 12 weeks from the surgical follow up appointment.

About 10 minutes after I hung up from my hospital call, my GP called me. I know I’ve told you before that I have the best GP in the whole world… I really do! He said he knew what my medical notes said but he wanted to check how I was doing in myself. How I’m coping. What an angel.

Strange though that he should call when I’ve been anxious about my hospital appointment…

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