I’ve been conscious that I’ve still so much to sort and organise relating to Mum’s estate and possessions, not helped that I live in a small country cottage which is now creaking at the seams with boxes and paperwork. So my job this weekend is to get things organised. Sorry BigI for cancelling weekend plans at short notice but it’s been getting me down a bit as I want to move forward and feel that I’m being pulled back.

I also needed time to reflect on all that I learnt last weekend and all that it taught me. I’ve also been reminded that I don’t have Mum around to tell about last weekend.. I just know she’d have been excited that I’m going to put together a conference for the UK and Europe – in fact I know she’d have her address books out and probably have already made some calls before I’d even finished telling her about my plans! Miss you Mum.

I’m still absolutely driven that we need one of these Conferences in the UK and available to our friends in Europe… so here goes… if you’re willing to help, in anyway, please contact me, cos this is GOING to happen.

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