Nervous, moi?

OK, so for all the bravado and I’m OK positive noises… I’m a little lot nervous about my first 12 weekly check-up.  Sounds ridiculous to be so nervous and I wonder if some of my nerves are simply because of recent events.  I sort of hope that’s all it is but I also know that there’s still the pain and a new lump in the other breat – but hey that could be hormonal or something, right?  Or maybe I AM really a lumpy bumpy person and I didn’t really notice before this all began.  You see, I can’t help but wonder if I had been one of those very good girlies that check their breasts regularly and therefore know if something is abnormal early on, I might just know now if this is ‘odd’.

One thing I do know is tell your friends, family and whoever will listen to do so to check breasts regularly… How do I check?

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