Aha, the joys of appointments, the postal system and generally being caught out!

Had a lovely morning in the dentist chair and headed out to the hospital for my scans and appointment with my surgeon. After the inevitable waiting, staring at the magazines that I’d already read at my previous appointments, I was taken through to the left consulting room (he has two consulting rooms on the go during the consulting days and a middle room in which paperwork and scans are assessed and completed between appointments).

I could hear some muffled voices and hushed tones from the adjoining room, amongst them my consultant’s voice. 20 minutes later he pops his head into my consulting room and says ‘we can’t find your scans’! So I said I hadn’t had any yet… that’d explain it! Turns out I should have attended another appointment with the radiology team however I didn’t receive an appointment letter. But then again I didn’t receive an appointment letter to see my consultant but knew that it was coming up so had called to see if there were any appointments booked for me and was only told about this one!

However this did give me the opportunity to speak to my consultant and discuss the pain niggles and lump that I had felt. He did a manual check and said they felt OK (errrr well of course they feel OK, they’re MY boobs!) however he has suggested that I take primrose oil daily and also ordered a bi-lateral ultrasound scan, so they will check/scan both boobs.
I’ve learnt my lesson, I’ll be calling the hospital in a couple of days to check what date/time my new radiology appointment is. Gives me enough time to collate some ‘newer’ magazines to take into the waiting room – I guess it’s one of the joys of cancer is that you get to visit your medical team often, therefore it’s important that the waiting room has lots of new reading material so you can absorb your mind in media rather than worry about the appointments and tests you’re waiting for.

Serves me right for panicking about the scan though – ha blinking ha, I’ll just have to do it all again…

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