Have a little drinkie with me?

I had my rescheduled appointment with the radiographer today. How brilliant, I was seen at the appointed time and taken straight through for my appointment – although for once I was hoping for five minutes in the waiting room… I was desperate for a pee!! everytime I headed off to the toilet, I heard my name being called and would rush back to the nurses! (there’s no pleasing some people eh?). And yes I did have to change into a very sexy gown and then was given an even more sexy gown to pretend we had a dressing-gown over the top. We look like a right fashionable array of chicks in the waiting room and even though we’re all so nervous, at least we laugh at our attire!

I was quickly called into the cubicle and lie down to wait for the radiologist. Then I’m smeared with jelly (oooo errrr) and the scans began. I have to confess to being more than a little anxious as I lay there and my heart, I’m quite sure, was audible by the radiographer. Even though I am meant to be getting my results in 2 weeks time from my consultant, the radiographer told me what she would say to my consultant – that she can’t see anything of concern. How cool is that? Champers anyone?

She did mention that there is was fluid over the original excision area but said this would eventually absorb into the tissue so there’s no need for any drains or any more surgery.

So, good news and time to plan a future again… Consultant’s appointment in two weeks to get the results 😉 and then schedule in the next scan in 12 weeks time.

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