Busier than a busy bee

Hellooo all.  I’ll start with a quick apology – if you’re hoping to catch up with me whilst I’m ‘between jobs’ then I apologise… I’ve been busy!  Call me, nag me, email me but bear with me when I have to squeeze you in!

So what have I been doing?  My nephew came to stay for the weekend… he had worked out a Wii competition, croquet games and a visit to the cinema – exhausting but fun.

Searching, researching and networking – I’ve added and updated lots of areas of my notes for the project.  I was lucky to be invited to attended a 2-day Macmillan Conference and found the experience incredibly enlightening as to what projects are underway, what projects are planned and also understanding what role Macmillan GPs and other practitioners play in obtaining the best ‘interactive’ service and support between oncology teams and patients.  I am also hoping that some of the speakers may be involved in my Conference too, so you can all benefit from their wisdom, experience and positive approach too.

I also learned that both Macmillan and Breast Cancer Care have programs whereby cancer survivors can become ‘voices’.  Both these roles allow patients to voice their opinions and participate in decisions and outcomes of how care and support services are provided.  Invaluable and perhaps someting that you can do to ‘put something back’ in your areas.  Having spoken to a number of Macmillan Voices, I’m also heartened that the hours required are not onerous and flexible so if you’re still undergoing treatment or have limited time, it may still work for you.

Right gotta dash.. off away again…  catch ya later xxx

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