Wealth Dynamics Workshop

About 18 months ago I heard about Wealth Dynamics and wanted to learn more.  At the time it was for self-improvement and understanding.  So much has happened since then and my focus now is that the principles of Wealth Dynamics would be extremely useful in putting a team together to ensure the event takes place.  I have always known that I’m not perfect 😉 and can’t do everything brilliantly but knowing when to step back and when to focus is essential.  It is also imperative that I can identify different styles and mindsets in the people and organisations that I will be working with.

A month or so ago I heard that Topher Morrison was hosting a one day workshop in Norwich and I decided to go.  Insightful and enlightening.  Another bonus for me was that after lunch we played ‘opportunity knocks’ where we broke off into groups of 5 and presented our ‘goal’ to the group and also identified the ‘types’ of team players we needed to create our perfect team.  Then we voted for the ‘best’ goal from the group.  The winners then went to present to larger group and the winners from each larger group went through to the next heat until we were presenting to the whole delegate attendees.  I’m quite proud to say that I won!  What a fantastic experience. Presenting my goal to so many people.  Getting feedback after each presentation about what worked and what didn’t work.  Equally important was that with each presentation I was able to see the excitement in the group to my project and the belief that I really am doing truly so important and needed.  A number of attendees spoke to me after the event endorsing their enthusiasm earlier.

I do have doubts about what I’m taking on particularly at the sheer magnitude of the tasks ahead.  So it is a wonderful boost to hear words of encouragement and support and also to hear from others who have been diagnosed or come through surgeries of the importance of tackling some of the workshops and discussions that I’m intending to include at the event.    So to those of you who have offered your skills and support – thank you.

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