It never makes any sense, does it?

A friend said to me at some point in this journey I would realise that not everyone makes it and that I’d find it hard everytime we lose a friend.  Will I ever be able to explain it or understand it?  Today I heard of a friend I met in Atlanta who passed away today.  Lisa fought breast cancer bravely and with a smile on her face.  I met her online before I went to Atlanta, she took the mickey out of me and my English ways!  Lisa volunteered for a special job which was to make some ‘bling’ to attach to our name badges, as she thought she wasn’t going to make the conference and wanted to contribute.  She did make the conference and I wore my ‘blinged badge’ with pride throughout the conference and have looked at often since I returned – it reminds me of someone who is full of life; Lisa.

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