K&C LINk Cancer Sub-group meeting

Today I had the good fortune to be invited to attend this meeting. I recently attended the AGM of the whole group and had a good understanding of the LINk program. I perhaps hadn’t understood how influential however this sub-group could be and to be a part of it, is amazing.

We discussed new projects and programs to be implemented in West London – ideas I understand that had started at this sub-group. We also discussed awareness issues around breast cancer screening and self-examination for the community and suggested many ways that perhaps this could be improved. Another topic was also the importance of follow up schedules with cancer patients (ironic given what happened the following day with me!). Also discussed was how a patient can be assured throughout treatment that they are being supported and know what’s happening to them. Again suggestions were made.

I’m very much looking forward to being a permanent member of this sub-group and watching our ideas, feedback and experiences perhaps changing the way things are being done or simply an understanding of these issues being taken back to the medical teams and NHS.

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