OK today’s the day I get to go for my 12 week check up scan that I had to fight so hard to get (despite it already being agreed!).

I found myself yesterday and last night in tears and feeling dreadful. Weird how anxious I get about the scans and yet I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. I wonder ‘will I always be this anxious about my follow-up scans?’

I also can’t imagine not having them, as at least I get the chance to be checked again and to ensure that there’s no return of any Phyllodes but also to see if the seroma (fluid build-up) is dissolving. I hope so, because the idea of any more surgery (even to just put a drain in) is not on my to-do list!

Results appointment in a couple of weeks with my lovely oncologist who will no doubt call me Miss Lumpy Bumpy!! Awww bless him.

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