I’ve got sooo much to tell you…

Gosh life has been so busy and full.  Not enough minutes in a day to be able to update you and do everything that I’ve been up to.  I promise to update you on bits and pieces very soon but first some quick summaries that I’ll come back and fill in later.. I went to Scotland which combined with meetings, I met with both my brothers and their families and we scattered the last of Mum’s ashes.  Duncan had found a spot overlooking Loch Lomond… quite an adventure getting there mid-winter and I’ll expand on that when I pop back later.

I was back home for 36 hours before heading off to Orlando, Florida and my second year at the Annual Conference for Young Women affected by breast cancer (now known as C4YW).  I learnt so much attending the seminars and workshops but mostly it’s the community and support of being with people who really understand it.  Being my second year I was also able to talk to some of the newbies and help them too.  My oldest buddy, Jenny was there too and once again we roomed which allowed us time to gossip and talk about the old days and also openly talk about the past few years and its impact on us.  AND there were even more of my Phyllodes’ sisters there…. I cannot tell you just how special and meaningful it is to be able to spend time with them, to give and receive a hug and to be able to talk about being diagnosed with this rare cancer.

One of my sisters, Andrea Lambert was there this year.  We hadn’t yet met in person but Andrea has been a constant support to me from the first moment Trish introduced me to the Phyllodes Facebook group.  I can’t explain how much it meant to me to be able to give her a hug.

During the time together we all spoke about doing more advocacy and awareness of Phyllodes.  If having the Facebook group has taught us something it’s simply that there are people out there who are diagnosed and it’s not just us!  Andrea talked about doing a TV piece in conjunction with her husband’s role as a hockey coach.  The piece was aired last night on Fox6.  Do take a look – click here  Andi is amazing, beautiful, strong and I’m proud to say, my friend.

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