Colonoscopy NOT!

For many months I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen, swelling that comes and goes but is excruciatingly painful, headaches and dreadful nausea. There’s also been blood in my wee and also blood in my poo. Sorry if it’s too much information, just thought it was about time I was honest with you (as always).

I’ve been to the doctors several times and have been told it’s nothing to worry about. Then finally I was referred ‘urgently’ for a colonoscopy… several months ago! Fed up with waiting for this urgent appointment, in pain and worried, I’ve been chasing it up. Honestly apart from the pain and symptoms which have been pretty grim, it’s also painful, makes me tired and tearful.

Today didn’t help much. I had received a letter saying the appointment was today. I drove myself to the hospital to discover that I didn’t have an appointment. That they hadn’t sent me the prep to clear my bowel and that I also needed someone else to take me home as I’d be having anaesthetic. Oh and that I wouldn’t receive the procedure at this hospital anyway. Can’t tell you how fed up I am today.

I just want to find out what the blinking bananas is going on with my body.. it’s getting worse!

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