London Marathon 2011

Not sure I’ll ever be fit enough to run the London Marathon but that doesn’t stop me from heading up there to support idiots heros that do!

Today my new friend, Phil Wilson, is running to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  He’s been training hard and given up the rock and roll lifestyle to put his heart and soul into running the race. 227549_207110709310081_7083927_n227232_207106825977136_8252139_n
Various ‘team Phil’ were at different spots along the route to cheer him on.   I was at mile 25… not far from the end and we were cheering pretty loudly.  When Phil made it this far he looked to be in pain but rallied by the support.

222923_207125735975245_1974643_nHe then grabbed a flag from Sarah and ran on, leaving many of us (including me), in tears.  Phil was running it for all diagnosed by cancer… a few of us had the honour of being named on the flag.  I didn’t know about it beforehand so ‘thank you’ Phil.   An honour to share it with so many other amazing people… some of whom I have the pleasure to call my friends.

Phil did amazingly well.  He finished the race.  He raised a lot of money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  He also did a great deal of media talking about why he was racing and, of course, his blog and social media.  Worth a read… and watch out for his next adventure once his Tiger Feet have recovered…

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