Joanna Hall Introduction at Champneys


A few weeks ago a friend told me about this method of walking for fitness called ‘Walkactive’.

Well to be precise she told me that she’d joined a friend doing a Walkactive Time Trial in Hyde Park on Sunday morning.  A mere 7km walk in the park, at pace and with this new technique which will whittle the body and aid fitness levels.

I’ll be honest.  I couldn’t imagine walking 7km on a Sunday morning… at pace or not!

But it got me thinking.  I so need to get my fitness levels back.  I’m struggling with fatigue a great deal and find any exercise leaves me with no energy and requiring a deep sleep afterward.  Would walking be a way to do it gradually?  I looked at the Walkactive website in search of an answer and discovered an ‘introductory course at Champneys’ was coming up.  I booked myself in.

The short course consisted of some time in a class room learning why the method worked.  Several sessions outside on the lawn and driveway to learn how to implement the technique.  Two 7km walks (one on each day) using the technique.

A fun group of ladies on the course.  The trainers were very enthusiastic and able to explain fully the scientific reasons why this method works.  An open ankle, inverted V and using your arms are all part and parcel of effectiveness.   We had a jolly good giggle whilst we attempted to learn the method and, like so much in life, it takes practice.  We did many drills and could see the improvements with each and every one.  It felt great.  Even the improvement of time and fitness between the first day’s 7km and the second day’s 7km was visible.

We also learnt about nutrition and Joanna’s belief about pre-loading your day i.e. breakfast being the best meal of the day, lunch slightly less and then no carbs for dinner.  It makes sense not to have a food group that is all about energy at the end of the day when you’re going to bed!

The package also included a couple of treatments in the spa – rude not to take advantage.  We also had our meals included.  Lunchtime salads and healthy eating.  Our evening meal had a little more variety and I just might have spotted some wine on the menu too!  I felt slightly naughty suggesting it but as you can see from the photographs I wasn’t alone in my wine imbibing!

I shall certainly take this forward but I’m not sure I’m up for a 7km Time Trial in Hyde Park just yet.

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