Why Walkactive?

It’s been quite a while since I did my first introductory course at Champneys and I was asked to write a piece about my Joanna Hall Walkactive experience.  I thought you might like to know what I think and why I’ve carried on with it.

The period following my diagnosis with a rare cancer, Phyllodes, I was consumed with appointments, scans, surgeries and just plain coping. Exercise and fitness had taken 2nd or perhaps 7th place and the further down the list it slipped, the harder it felt to regain it or any control over it.


We read and hear daily from the media about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. We also hear a great deal about it being critical in recovery from illness. However translating the knowledge into action, particularly when you’re feeling unwell, fatigued or in pain is another thing entirely.


I had needed the impetus and encouragement to regain my fitness. I found this with Joanna Hall. It made ‘exercise’ less of a chore and more of an enjoyment. I’ve discovered new parks, new parts of parks, different routes to the shops and even when it’s windy and rainy, a wonderful sense of being alive.


My first foray was at a spa break where I learnt the technique and was introduced to Joanna Hall. I then refined it by sporadically taking other courses as I feel it helps motivate me, kick starts a new phase, eliminate any bad habits and also brush up on my technique.

Walking is a fabulous free accessible activity that can be done at any time of day or night! Add the Joanna Hall technique and scientific methodology and you can increase your well-being and fitness whilst also reshaping your waistline, tums, bums and thighs.


I have found that instead of jumping in my car to visit friends, post a letter or buy a pint of milk, I now put on my trainers and “Joanna Hall” it out of the front door.

Over the past 18 months I’ve completed most of the courses and trips too! They’ve all been fun and beneficial but perhaps in different ways and meeting different needs at different times.


WOW – Being measured at the start and end of the 4 week course motivated me to stick to the nutritional aspects of the course as well as the walks. There’s no better motivation than ‘literally’ seeing the inches disappear and be replaced by a waist!
WOWI – A 2week version of the WOW. Intensive, needs commitment to dedicate the time but a great way to kickstart.
WalkFit – 4 week course concentrating on technique and increasing pace.
WalkFirm – 4 week course which incorporates not only the Joanna Hall technique but also utilising park equipment for additional exercises such as benches, stairways and fences.
Spa breaks – A gentle(r) introduction to the Joanna Hall technique with workshops on nutrition and fitness balanced with walks and spa treatments.
La Manga Training Camp – A comprehensive timetable of techniques, improvement time trials, mountain challenge, yoga, stretches, nutrition workshop and sunshine.


Sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of being good and doing exercise. I’m pleased to say that it’s mostly ‘life’ rather than ‘cancer’ these days. But despite not currently doing any courses (life is a bit busy), I hope you can still see the ‘open ankles’, longer strides and incorporated ‘J’s as I dash for the bus!

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