FELA! at Sadlers Wells

SADLERSWELLSPRESENTHITMUSICALFELATICKETSNOWONSALEI didn’t know the story of Fela Kuti before tonight.  Fela was a Nigerian musician that shaped and changed future generations.  His music is crazy, buzzing, fun, lively, energising and engaging.  I can totally understand how he was able to influence people and become a political activist.

The show Fela! is representative of his life and journey through his music and dance.  You can’t help but tap feet and, if you feel so inclined, get up and dance!  A hugely high energy show but with a strong storyline and truths behind it that you can’t help feel drawn in by the messages.

We were fortunate enough to be there when Femi Kuti, the son of Fela, was in the audience.  Amazing evening.  Such a shame it had to end.  YouTube of this special encore

I’m quite sure this show will run and run.  Go see it!

Sadlers Wells info and video
Evening Standard Review

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