Brighton with the champagne and shoe girls

So very excited about today. I’m heading to Brighton for a day of chillaxing with the champagne and shoe girls.

I’ve met some fabulous people because I was diagnosed with cancer. Not all of them with the same cancer but so very many with a fabulously positive attitude. What is it about being faced with something life-changing, such as a cancer diagnosis, that makes us change our lives in so many other ways? I know that one thing I’ve been particularly conscious of, the need to surround myself with positive people. It’s not that I’m less tolerant or that I don’t have ‘negative’ friends but simply speaking, I need to draw from others the positivity and enthusiasm for life that is on offer.

It’s so much easier to feel better and do so much more when you’re around positive people. To encourage and enthuse one another to get to the next milestone and visual a future beyond. To plan to do things. To plot to do other things. To really take life and shake it up.

Today is one of those days and my friends are the perfect people to plot and plan with!

My three friends have all been diagnosed at young ages with ovarian cancer. Also known as the ‘silent killer’ as it’s rarely detected early enough to treat successfully.

Our day though doesn’t dwell on the end but merely a semi-colon in life. Yes we discuss treatments, chemo, surgery, health and concerns. We discuss things openly and we talk about it in the same way that many would talk about their children at school or organising a tea party – it’s just part of life and living. However we also talk about ‘normal’ things. We laugh at life. We choose to live.

During our day in Brighton, we had a picnic on the beach. It’s sunny, but not warm enough to remove our cardigans. We then head off to the Lanes and hop in and out of shops (mostly shoe shops). Kerry, Tish and I try on endless crazy shoes and boots. Della pops in and out of shops laughing AT us not WITH us and our choices of shoes. I leave clutching a big bag containing some new shoes and matching handbag…






Kerry leaves with two bags… shoes and boots!

But it’s not really about the shopping… it’s about doing something we love doing without feeling bad about it. Kerry is going into hospital again shortly. The cancer is back. She’s agreed to be part of a late phase clinical trial. We laugh that she may have to wear the shoes into hospital… hell why can’t we look absolutely fabulous in there?


We then head off to find a bar serving champagne for more plotting. Tish is thinking about going to Australia for a holiday and to see her sister. She’s concerned that she can’t get insurance to go and also a little nervous about being that far away. However she’s also stoic about doing what she wants to do. About living. We encourage her. Watch this space. Oooh and I know someone who because of her own experiences, has set up an insurance company specialising in travel insurance for people with long time conditions… I’m sure we can organise cover – not that she’ll need it!

We then talk about Kerry’s 40th birthday. It coming up in April. Kerry would love to have a big do. We plot.

By the time we leave the bar and head for trains home, we KNOW that there will be bubbles on Kerry’s 40th birthday. We also know that Tish will have to be back from Oz in order to celebrate!!

And I know I have some truly magnificent friends in my life.

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