Bench with MC

I’ve visited Berkeley Square many times since the call from my Godmother to say the Council have advised it’ll be there v v soon. It never is. I must look like a loon wandering around the Square looking and reading all the plaques.

Today though I could be heard making quite a loud squeal as I noticed a new bench, in the location that had been requested, with a brand new shiny plaque… On closer inspection it was mine!   Yes it was mine…  I never thought this would happen.

My wish to have a bench in Berkeley Square has happened.  And during my lifetime.  My wish to spend time with my friends and family or on my own enjoying my favourite place is happening.  Why did I ever want a bench as a memorial bench for you to visit after I’ve gone…. now you’ll just have to meet me there for a coffee or bubbles.

12 Nov 2011

(Yes I’ve obscured the words on the plaque – you’ll have to visit to read it!)

When I’d finally stopped squealing, I called a friend, MC, who I was shortly due to be meeting up with for tea at Sketch.  Barely able to get the words out, I managed to persuade her to divert her taxi to Berkeley Square as I wanted to show her something.

Here she is… on my bench….


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