Saga Magazine

I’m delighted to feature in April’s edition of Saga Magazine talking about why I chose to have a Memorial bench to enjoy during my lifetime.

Hopefully the article will inspire others to not wait to fulfil dreams and ambitions.

Full article can be read in the Saga Magazine or viewed online via the Saga Magazine app.

Ps I’m always curious.. if you were to have a living bench, where would you choose and why?

Pps If you visit my Bench in Berkeley Square, please do send me a pic or tag me on instagram @annagoanna1 I so enjoy that others have enjoyed my bench too.

Ppps Forgive the additional chins that I’ve gained during the COVID lockdown!

My bench in glass

My first interpretation of My Bench in Berkeley Square in glass. Deeper picture as 4 layers of glass… see other pictures. Defo need to look at strength of some of the colours used.

I had another go at creating my bench in Berkeley Square. Much better colours and depth to it BUT I stupidly had the kiln paper too high so the edges have pulled. I knew what I should do and nervously panicked about the glass pulling out so went higher! Stupid… oh well, will try it again and hopefully nail it.

Happy Christmas

Love that on Christmas Day you’re more likely to hear the sound of horseshoes than fast cars or birds singing as people go by horse drawn carriages to Claridges for lunch. There were another 8 or so that followed these two!