Olympic Park for the Gold Challenge





Up early and excitedly making my way to the new Olympic Stadium in East London.

I’ve been honoured to represent Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres in a parade of charities and organisations involved in the Gold Challenge event.





I think the pictures speak the many words… except to say that when we walked through the athletes tunnel, went from light to dark and echoing in the tunnel could hear the roar of the crowd, then from dark to light as we entered the stadium, it really was A-mazing. I really felt that as I came through the tunnel, I could achieve anything, particularly with the support and encouragement of all the people cheering me (errr us) on.





We then went on to parade around the track in the stadium. I was able to touch the track that athletes will achieve their dreams in July but also for future years and generations to come. Where spectators will formulate plans to train harder to be at the next Olympics Games. Where it will inspire people, encourage and give confidence.





I can’t wait for the real Olympics and am so proud to have been part of the team who warmed up the track for the real Olympians!


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