I’ve been dreading today’s procedure.  But as I’ve said for many many months, I’ll do anything to stop the symptoms and work out what the hell is going on with my body.

I was asked if I wanted the procedure under sedation but to do so would mean that I’d  need someone to pick me up after the appointment.  This is a huge problem for those of us who live on our own and are of working age… our friends are working and we don’t have any partners to take a day off work!  So as not to delay the procedure I figured I’d be find without the anaesthetic.  When I called to query it, they suggested that if I needed to reschedule, I could be waiting for several months… so I did it!  Or I thought I would be able to.

Reality check though.  To have a huge tube put down your throat with a camera on the end of it, isn’t easy to do without gagging.  As I have a really bad gag reflex anyway, I found it extremely difficult.  Of course they spray lignocaine on the back of your throat to help but for me, this just panicked me as I thought my mouth was filling with spit and I couldn’t swallow.  The consultant and nurse were lovely but after only a few minutes (which felt like hours), I couldn’t cope anymore.  I thought I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t stop gagging and tears were pouring from my eyes.  I hated it and had to ask them to stop.  I can’t explain the relief when finally the long tube was withdrawn from my throat.

Annoyingly I only had a few minutes left to put up with and they would have finished the procedure.  They were able to see the oesophagus and stomach but didn’t manage to get as far as my duodenum.

The consultant did however advise that he could see an infection in my oesophagus and gastritis in my stomach.  He suggested though that I return to have the procedure completed, under sedation!

I felt so stupid and sorry to have wasted their time.  Now to find a friend who can pick me up after the procedure when I get a new date.

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