Noises Off – Must see!

After a very lovely lunch in the country with my Aunt and Uncle, I raced back to town to join a friend at the Theatre.

For once the trains worked to timetable and I made it to The Aldwych with an hour in hand.  What’s a girl to do, eh?  Yes you guessed it… well almost!  No I didn’t go for a glass of bubbles somewhere, I rather stumbled across The Counter at The Delaunay.

A fabulously old-fashioned parlour decked out with dark wood and a countertop laden with cakes, pastries and sweet treats. I couldn’t resist a mouthwatering strawberry tart (with the most exquisitely light pate sucre case I’ve tasted outside France) and, of course, a pot of Earl Grey tea.  I took a window seat and could watch the world hurry past on their way home or out for the evening.

At 7pm we met at the theatre collected our tickets, headed to the Stalls bar (which if you’ve not been to the Novello is right inside the theatre at the back of the Stalls.   A really beautifully restored theatre and in itself worth a look.  It wasn’t long after we got our Pimms (hey it is summer, right?) and found our seats when the curtain went up.

I won’t tell you the storyline except to say that it is a play about a play!  The script is fast moving and hilariously funny as you see into the behind the scenes goings on of an already farcical story.  We found ourselves howling with laughter and as the play went on, we laughed louder and more often.  A definate must see!  How could you not when it stars the incredible Celia Imrie AND the Telegraph gave it 5.5 stars out of 5!  Telegraph Review

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