PPI Clinical Trial Group

This evening saw a number of the PPI group meeting at Imperial College’s new research site in Hammersmith for the first public IMANOVA tour.  We were taken round the Imaging Centre and see and understand what equipment and research is undertaken there.  The site used to be a GSK Research facility but is now a joint collaboration between a number of research organisations.  This means that the equipment is essentially being shared and where expensive equipment may previously have only been available to the one pharmaceutical organisation for use, is now being used by many.  Just one of the machines we looked at tonight was over £1m to purchase alone!

We looked at the how the images were viewed, the accuracy of each of the images (particularly with the technology available whereby they were able to lay images over eachother from different image machines).  How each can detect tumours, markers and glucose (amongst others) with extraordinary accuracy.  There were still false positives but it seemed that the technicians and technology were proving that managing these false positives was getting easier.

Following the tour we were taken through to the ICTEM building where some clinicians and researchers presented to us on “Imaging Research”, “Breast Research”, “Lung and Trophoblastic Research” and “Prostate Research”.

Always fascinating to hear what clinicians and researchers are carrying out and also to hear of any advancements or breakthroughs that are occurring.  Certainly a few items for thought.

I am hoping that the group will be given the opportunity to become further involved with the research.  Perhaps to assist with the review of paperwork, input into the research and, if available, to be part of a recruitment drive for volunteers in latter phase clinical trials.

I shall keep you posted…

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