I’m sorry to say it’s whinge time…. we wonder why the NHS has no money when we know there are inefficiencies taking place every day.  It’s just terrifically frustrating when you’re on the receiving end of them!

On Saturday I received two letters from my hospital about my six monthly checkup scans.  Why two?  Hmm that’s a very fine question to ask.  Why two indeed?  And why are they identical?  Both invite me to the same appointment, same date, same time and both with the time and date handwritten in the same writing!  But of course in two different envelopes with two postage marks saying that our beloved NHS has paid double to advise me about my one appointment!

Is that my only whinge?  Errr no!!

The appointment(s) that they’ve given me is a week AFTER my appointment with my consultant where he will give me the results of the scans I’m having a week later… Doh!

So on Monday I called the number advised on the letter(s).  Of course it went through to an answerphone where I left a message asking for my appointment to be bought forward to prior to my consultant appointment.  Late on Monday, I had a call from someone to advise that they’d picked up the message but weren’t in charge of booking, couldn’t change my appointment and really didn’t understand why I wanted it sooner anyway?  After much explaining (gesticulating and pulling faces at my end – thank heavens for non-video calls!) and pointedly repeating the dates and order that scans and results should be in, she advised that she’d have to call me back tomorrow.

Tomorrow is now today… she understands the problem.  They’ve squeezed me in to an appointment slot a week BEFORE my consultant appointment.   Hurrah!  Well done.  2 letters and 3 phone calls later… oh and the new letter(s) that will be on their way to confirm the phone call.

What really frustrates me about all this though is a couple of things.  I was already having scanxiety about the upcoming appointment (which I knew was in July even if they didn’t!).  Do they not think that we have sleepless nights and worry that they might just find a return of the cancer?   Do they know get that the reason these scans are done is to prove that it’s not come back?  Do they not think that actually this is important?  Do they not think that it’s a little bit more stressful than a visit to the hairdressers?  So to have to take time out and to explain why the scan and result should be in that order etc is just adding to the anxiety levels.

And if they F’ing tell me at this appointment that I should be bloody “grateful that it’s not breast cancer” or “well at least it’s not breast cancer” or similar, I promise you I am going to hit them!

No it was a rare cancer, Phyllodes, something that no bugga out there appears to know anything about or able to provide consistent cohesive advice and information about surgery, treatment, prognosis or care!

And breathe…

Right, whinge over.  Thanks for listening.

Soz… am just a little stressed and worried about these scans – no other reason than the “what if…

2 thoughts on “Scanxiety

  1. Know exactly what you mean. I had a gynae appointment a few months back, anxiously awaited the results, they never came. Had to get the Doctor to request them!!! Good job all was normal with that hey? Was also told I would have a letter to confirm my lumpectomy date, that never came either so good job I knew when it was. They are so good at somethings, shame they can’t dot the i’s and cross the t’s!!! Or even get a scan and results consultation in the right order!!!!

    • There’s definately a case for us becoming our own health advocates! However not everyone is able to do so.
      However we are very very fortunate to have free healthcare in the UK and for all our whinging and moaning about it, sometimes we forget that in other countries they’re not that fortunate and health suffers when you can’t afford to pay! xx

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