Seriously awesomely awesome

Wowza, tonight after mucho anticipation we finally convened at the very fabulous Ledbury restaurant.  Some months ago a reservation was made for a table for foodies to sample Brett Graham’s tasting menu and accompanying wines.  It’s not a cheap night out but something that should be an experience, planned, counted down to and then every second of it savoured.

Tonight was the night.

I arrived first and was ushered by the fabulous maitre d’, who goes by the name of Stephen, down the kitchen to say hello to Brett.  Brett has recently got married and we took a browse through the wedding photos – all I will say is that his friends have a mountain to climb to come anywhere near to matching up with the pure excellence of his wedding… not because of the opulence but because of the attention to detail, (by the bride and groom) that had been lavished on the venue, table settings, design and, of course, food in such a splendid way.  Truly a-mazing.

The meal is to be described below in pictures… I couldn’t possibly do it the justice it deserves with words – it really was soooo utterly scrumptious, in every way.

I didn’t take photos of the many different wines and bubbles that were consumed throughout the meal and prior to the meal with the many hors d’oeuvres that were so beautifully presented before us…. but suffice it to say we had some stunning wines that each complemented the dishes so beautifully and were so carefully chosen and selected by our fabulous sommelier.

Hey I did say it was a treat… forgive me but I’m looking at the pictures again and tasting each morsel of food one more time!

B – “a wonderful evening, with lovely company, laughter, lovely food…” “we were spoiled to death”

R – “Outstanding night.  Superb food, brilliant service and supremely flirty company.”  “Proper night with proper food n booze n laughs n friends.  Well done Wallace!”

As for my comments… Oooooh I was in heaven and truly truly cannot recommend the Ledbury enough.  Brett Graham really is an incredible chef.  His front of house staff are simply the best – the maitre d’, the sommelier and the waiting staff.  Of course we should also mention the other incredible chefs in the kitchen who not only produce faultless plates of awesome food but do so with a smile on their faces and a passion for what they’re delivering that is clear for all to see.

My only surprise recently was that The Ledbury was voted 14th in the World’s Best Restaurants… it should have been No. 1!

PS – They also do a wonderful set lunch of three courses for £35.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

PPS – If you do go, remember to invite me!!

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