All things glass

So it’s high time everyone saw a little of what I’ve been creating in glass.  Yes I need to work on the website and content but this is ‘just for now’… a small selection below OR head over to which is my new glassy website


Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm)  (SOLD)

Made with white tekta glass as the base layer, robins egg blue, deep cobalt blue, light cobalt blue, turquoise and caribbean blue irid glass piles.  #Bullseye glass

Full fuse and then slumped in to a mould to create the shape.


Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm)  (SOLD)

Made with white tekta glass as the base layer, robins egg blue, deep cobalt blue, light cobalt blue, turquoise and caribbean blue irid glass piles.  #Bullseye glass

Full fuse and then slumped in to a mould to create the shape.


Square Slumper Plate (21cm x 21cm) img_7563

Square Slumper Plate (21cm x 21cm)


Square Slumper Plate (21cm x 21cm)


Square Slumper Plate (21cm x 21cm)


Square Simple Plate (15cm x 15cm)


Square Slumper Plate (21cm x 21cm)


Square Platter (23cm x 23cm)


Rectangular Plate (23cm x 12cm)


Rectangular Plate (23cm x 12cm)


Rectangular Plate (23cm x 12cm)


Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm)


Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm) img_7589

Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm) img_7591

Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm) img_7594

Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm)


Floral Decorative Piece (24cm x 10cm)


Floral Decorative Panel (22cm x 12cm)


Float glass panel – with glassline drawing (24cm x 18cm)



Glass Floral Panel (17cm x 15cm)


Glass Floral Panel (20cm x 15cm)


London at Night (with Copper Oxide) (15cm x 10cm)


close upimg_7610

London at Night (with Copper Oxide) (15cm x 10cm)


close upimg_7613

London at Night (with Copper Oxide) (15cm x 10cm)



Battersea Power Station Coaster (10cm x10cm)


Perth beach (15cm x 10cm)


Random Beach


Glass Drinks Swizzle Sticks (15cm in length)




Glass Leaves (20cm in length)


China Soup Bowl (18cm diameter)


Vitrum Strip piece – Square Platter (23cm x 23cm)


Vitrum Strip piece


China Soup Bowl (18cm diameter)


Rectangular Server Plate (30cm x 13cm)


China Soup Bowl (18cm diameter)


Square Plate Simple (15cm x 15cm) 


Fracture clinic

Fracture clinic appointment. Let’s see what the MRI revealed.

Phew no plaster and no operation. It’s hard enough do anything in moon boot and crutches!

But MRI just showed extensive damage to ligaments and a couple of small fractures. So I’m staying in moonboot/crutches for another 6 weeks then lots of physio and hopefully will heal… No tennis this year for me

70th anniversary concert at Royal Festival Hall

An incredible end to a pretty busy Sunday of fun with friends, art, history, culture and now music.

We raced up to Waterloo and managed to squeeze my car into what must have been, judging by the looks we were getting, the last car parking space on the Southbank.

I had been looking forward to this concert for what seemed like a long time.  Partly because I knew it’d be wonderful but also because I wanted to see what my Proms friends thought of the Royal Festival Hall as a concert venue.  Sadly due to work commitments they had to cancel at the last minute.  However it was fortuitous for the mother and daughter who were making a beeline for the box office and to whom I donated the now spare tickets.  They were thrilled and clearly mother, visiting from overseas, was utterly delighted.

Tonight’s concert, conducted by Christoph von Dohnányi, was part of the 70th Anniversary Concert series at the Royal Festival Hall.

Piano Concerto in A minor – Robert Schumann
Symphony No. 9 in D minor – Ludwig van Beethoven

Clearly the pianist truly felt his way through the Schumann Piano Concerto and by that I don’t mean for the first time but more a feeling that with every note there was an emotion.  The speed at which his fingers crossed the keys and drifted from reflective quiet to decisive vigour.  Quite a performance and it certainly found us holding our breath and leaning forward to hear every note.

After the intermission we were treated to an amazing performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9.  Entranced as we listened and watched whilst the orchestra bought the performance forward and were then joined by soloists and an outstanding performance by the choir.  Incredible and deserved my ‘Wow, just Wow’ comment later!

RFH Programme Notes

The evening’s performance was conducted by Christoph von Dohnányi without any notes or music.  It’s no wonder that he holds the position of Philharmonia Orchestra’s Honorary Conductor for Life.

Telegraph Review – here
FT Review – here


Battersea Power Station Exhibition at BAC

Battersea Arts Centre this week was playing host to a wonderful exhibition of art work about the Battersea Power Station.   Those of you who know me well or have read my posts for a while now will know I did an Abseil in 2012 and also the reasons why.  I still laugh that they told me (and showed me) the ambulance at the foot of the Station as a reassurance… it was a mere spec from up there!

Anyway I was delighted to hear about this exhibition of works of art compiled in one place of the Power Station.  Hundreds of different works and different interpretations in different mediums.  There were professional artists, accomplished amateurs and children who’d entered work.  They varied from small drawings, photographs, pencils, pastels, acrylics, cardboard, patchwork, woodwork, glass and even Lego.

I loved that each artist had interpreted it slightly differently or caught a different light or angle.  Most of the work was for sale and I was pleased to see lots of red dots throughout the exhibition.

I spotted one piece painted by a lady, Laura, who’d been inspired to paint it following her abseil in October 2012!

It’s encouraging to think that there’s such passion for an industrial building that has, for decades been in danger or eroding and collapsing but now with overseas investment, is to have new life breathed back into it.  But no matter what the designers create in and around the Power Station, to me there will be no image stronger than the skyline at night with the towers reaching far in to the sky.

IMG_0294 IMG_0295 BAC WallLego pictureMade from Lego

Lego sculptureSchool Legoand the glass piece

Glass power stationGlass explanation Power Station


Saturday Images on Glass – results with decals

A little update following the firing from Images on Glass Saturday course.   Below are the pieces as they came out of the kiln…. now what to do with them?

Mum and Dad firedMum and Dad Fired 2

I cut up some strips of black glass and carefully fitted them around the pictures of Mum and Dad.  There were some very small gaps where the glass didn’t have perfect edges.

Mum and Dad together

I then carefully placed them into the kiln with a piece of 3mm clear glass over the top and fired it once more.

There’s the result.  There’s bubbles in it but this was to be expected with small gaps and a sheet of glass on the top (I quite like them!) but disappointingly the decals have slightly shrunk with the top sheet too giving them Mum and Dad a few more wrinkles than they’d like to have.

IMG_0284I’m quite pleased with it just the way it is however as I have 4 more printed images I’m going to try it again, perhaps this time with the sheet of glass below the images.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here it is on my fireplace.  The images are much stronger at night interestingly as if Mum and Dad are ready for a large G&T and a hand or two of Canasta!


Handmade Fair 2015

I managed to get some early bird tickets to the Handmade Fair for the second year.  Last year’s Fair inspired me to do more crafting and not to be afraid to try new things. It does help that my friend Miranda has been with me for both years too.

There were a heap of people who’ve benefited from things that I’ve made since last year or gift wrapped or received cards.  So I was hoping that this year’s Fair would introduce me to some more crafts and reinspire me further.

Collages12A little origami lesson.

20150919-094456And now I’m hoping to create the swan below… reckon I’ll do it?

Collages11And a class learning redwork embroidery… I’ve still to finish the pincushion.

20151011-171359A fun day out.  Great weather and lots to see, buy and do.  However all the workshops and demonstrations are definitely geared to crafting beginners.  Although it was lovely to learn redwork emboidery the workshop was called ‘Quilting’ which isn’t close.

I do hope that next year they run some more intermediate/advance workshops or perhaps extend the time (currently 45mins) so that people can get their teeth into some crafting and come away with something finished.