Much excitement, the sun has appeared!!

OK so it’s now the end of July and we really shouldn’t be this excited by the appearance of the sun!

On twitter this morning there appears to be more people tweeting about it’s appearance, or perhaps confusion as to what the hot yellow thing in the sky really is! So true to form, England (probably the majority of England) headed outside today. We found parks, we found gardens, we went for walks, we rediscovered picnic blankets and packets of paper plates languishing unloved at the back of kitchen cupboards. I’m suspecting that there was also a lot of people who neglected to remember the suntan lotion in the rush for the door!

A group of us had planned a long pub lunch in Windsor… we needed to do some plotting for an event in August, but first there needed to be some coordination of who’s doing/bringing what, arriving when etc. Where better than to do this over a few beers in the comfort and shelter of an English pub!

But the excitement of the big yellow ball in the sky meant a last minute change of venue.

Don’t panic people. It was still within reach of beer and shelter (if required!). We headed to the Windsor Farm Shop and their beer festival.

We were the people who were scrabbling around in kitchen cupboards and sheds to gather together enough rugs, cutlery, crockery, glasses… oooh and suntan lotion. Jeff was tasked with raiding M&S and did a magnificent job at bringing together enough food for a small army!

What a fabulous day. Seriously, there really is something very relaxing about a picnic in the sunshine with friends.

Oooh and the beer… there was a huge array of different beers and ciders. As a nominated driver, I couldn’t resist a little sample of a lovely local beer from Binghams Brewery. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Bingham at a charity event that they were kindly sponsoring. Great people and a very nice drop of beer too!!

However note to self: learn to apply suntan cream to all parts of shoulder (even the bits you can’t reach) as the red hand marks on your back, where the suncream ‘missed’ are probably not a fashion statement!

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