Olympic Torch Relay

Today proved to me that I’m not actually the only person in the UK that’s excited about the Olympics. Although if you were to read the newspapers, watch the news or partake in any social network, you might well think that the Olympics is a bad thing.

I’ve heard many reasons why it shouldn’t happen. What it’s costing, whether it should happen in a time of austerity – hate to mention that when the bid was won and the plans started, when we weren’t in this state!

Whether it’s going to benefit anyone? Why wouldn’t it encourage and enthuse a new generation (and older generations) that you can participate in new sports, you don’t just have to play rugby, football or cricket!

Oooh and perhaps it might get a few people off their butts and doing something physical… isn’t that going to save our NHS a fortune over the coming years?

The transport’s not going to work and everything will take ages.  Hey doesn’t it always (no matter which country you’re in) but put on a smile, talk to your fellow queuers and join the party… the time will pass much faster!

Support your olympians and paralympians in their epic adventures over the next few weeks.

I know the security seems to be a little bit awry… but if you see anything suspicious it’s also your responsibility to act!  AND now we’ve got the lovely men and women from the forces who will be looking after us – quite frankly I will relish the opportunity to thank them for everything that they’ve done and continue to do… on our soil and abroad.

BTW, we’re under budget too.

Oh and it gives us a chance to show the world that London, England CAN do something well (apart from having a Royal family and raining a lot).

So stop the niggling Nigels/Nellies out there and turn yourself into positive Peters/Pamelas. Embrace what IS happening. Participate in the Olympics. Get excited. Get your family and friends excited.

I’ve just returned from seeing the Olympic torch travel through Wandsworth. Whilst we stood waiting for it to appear, there was lots of chat amongst the waiting crowd. Children looked expectantly along the roadway, some having dressed for the occasion in costumes, facepaints or waving flags. This is the start people… get behind it and love it – I promise you, you’ll reap the rewards by being a part of it instead of whinging about it!

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