Let the Paralympics begin

I’m giggling and can’t help but see the irony as I eagerly await the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics.

12 years ago in Sydney, the Paralympics started in a similar way. With me with my feet up and bandages a-go-go!

Haha I even found a copy of my Wittering home from 2000:

“…Let’s start with the injuries. Dave, Margot and myself were playing tennis. My game against Dave. I’m a few points up and I step forward to take the shot and step back on my right leg. You know that sound of an elastic band stretching and then that sound of a twang – well imagine that in your leg! I stumbled back to the apartment where I ensconced myself on the sofa for the foreseeable. Fortunately Dave was here so I was able to get food and drink bought to me! Crawl to the loo and crawl to bed.

On Monday night Dave was playing tennis again and had a long match against PJ (Playstation Jason). He arrived back and told me (whilst I was still on the sofa) that he was going to ache the next day but at least he didn’t hurt his leg!

The folllowing morning Dave woke me at about 8.30am, way past his usual work leaving time, to tell me that his back hurt and he couldn’t drive to work or put his socks on. He then challenged me to a race to the kettle!

This was the beginning of our own Paralympics.”

We then spent the next few weeks with joint medical and physio appointments and a pulley system to be able to get the drinks and meals from the kitchen to the sofas!

We were also very fortunate to have Margot and PJ delivering food and booze to us daily… but more to the point we got to watch the whole of the Sydney Paralympics 2000. It truly was an inspiration.

I was therefore not going to miss out on the opportunity to get to the London 2012 Paralympics. The first set of tickets bought at the very first opportunity and many other tickets bought since. Yes I shall be taking my nephew to experience a Paralympic event and I’ve purchased tickets for my niece to attend an equestrian event with her Mum too. I’m going to more events with friends and other small people.


I sooooo can’t wait.

Except… oh the irony….

I think a picture will speak far better than words!

Yep, my ankle has blown up to the size of a boccia ball… not sure why… but know that I can barely walk! PS The lump on the left is my ‘over-sized’ ankle not my heel!  Ha, oh no, not again!

However my ankle will heal. I will walk again (not hobble and hop).

But will I achieve anything like the achievements and accomplishments that will occur in the next few weeks here in London at the Paralympics?

Watch, participate, inspire, encourage…  Let the Paralympics begin…

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