Paralympics – Archery and Shooting

Another Auntie Anna Adventure Day at the Paralympics.  This time with my nephew Joe.  Also joining us is a great friend from Sydney, PJ.

First things first we needed flags!  Joe and I had British flags and PJ couldn’t decide where his loyalties lay so had the British flag on one cheek and the Australian on the other!

Paralympic Archery1I had managed to get tickets to the Archery and Shooting events.  This combination was great for us as it meant that we could switch between the shooting indoors or the archery outside.

Paralympic Archery At one point during the shooting Joe gasped with excitement at the scores and two coaches turned around to look at us.  I was fully expecting that we’d be told off for making a noise but instead they presented Joe with some badges from their teams.

Paralympic Archery3Also in the venue grounds was a statue of the Paralympic mascot, Mandeville.  Nearby were some volunteers with a Paralympic torch.  Too much for us not to have our photos taken with both!

Paralympic Archery2We also had the opportunity to try our hand at Archery.  What a wonderful short lesson we all had and even managed to hit a target on more than one occasion.



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