Food Writing Course

I can’t believe that it’s finally here.  A long time ago I was thinking about how I could combine a couple of my passions into something creative.  Food and writing came to mind so I sought a food writing course.  Not easy to come by and certainly not cheap!

logoEventually I found an evening course which was being hosted by Lulu Grimes at Leiths Cookery School in West London.  I booked and paid for it months and months ago so it’s sort of come as a nice surprise when it popped up in my calendar.  Below is  a description of the course and I hope it’s going to be fun as well as instructive:

This 8 week course is for all those wanting to explore the world of food journalism or to learn to write clear, professional recipes.

The course is run by Lulu Grimes, former Leiths Diploma student, Deputy editor of olive and BBC Good Food Magazine and author of numerous cookbooks.

Along with her special guest lecturers, Lulu will guide you through the language of recipe writing, writing restaurant reviews and food and travel journalism. You will also cover how to approach an editor and tips on how to get your work published.

Every week you will write alone or in groups while you learn how to bring your writing to a professional standard.

Lulu adds: “Food writing is increasingly popular, and these days the chance to write about something you love is open to all (though not necessarily for financial gain!). I’ve always thought that there are plenty of good writers who know about food, but that what they fail to do is understand who their reader is, and where their market lies. Whether you want to write a personal blog, a book or recipes or features for magazines, papers and websites it is vital to understand your audience. This is what I love to teach, how to best use your talents.”

A mixed group of participants.  Ranging in age, ability and why they are doing the course.  There are some who are keen to pursue a career in food journalism.  There are others who have food blogs and want to improve them.  There are more who have commissions for recipe books and also some who run cookery schools or a winery.

Let’s see if my writing improves.  Here goes…

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