Barnes Food Fair

The sun was shining and there’s a food fair on… well it’s be rude not to attend, right?

Barnes Community Association are hosting, for the third year, a Food Fair on the Village Green.  What a stunning setting it is too.  Just over the bridge from bustling Hammersmith.  Until you visit these little places you forget that even in London, we do have little villages.  Not only do we have them but they are places of beauty and quiet.

The premise behind the Fair was to introduce people to the fabulous amount of quality food providers, restaurants, delis and other food outlets in the area together with raising funds for the local community association.  The marquee was packed with stalls selling all sorts of goodies.  Matt and I managed at least 3 circuits, tasting and purchasing as we went.  We then wandered round the outside stalls (more tasting and purchasing).  Then, we found a couple of chairs and a corner of a table in which we set about eating our, now substantial, picnic.  There’s nothing like comparing different sausage rolls and pork pies!  A little envious though when we spotted a black pudding sausage roll and realised we didn’t have room to eat any more!

There’s plenty of entertainment too.  A stage hosting a selection of singers, choirs, orchestras and bands… all of whom are local.  A nearby building hosted cookery demonstrations by none other than Angela Hartnett, Phil Howard, Theo Randall and Ken Culhane.  Introduction to all sorts foodie for the small people dotted around the Fair.  They even have a doggie creche so you can browse the fair without worrying about your mutt eating everything in sight!

Barnes Food Fair 2013

We were very impressed with the Fair.  The variety and quality of hot and cold food outlets to choose from.  We were also introduced to a number of local restaurants and bars that we weren’t aware of… and will now visit.

In addition to a very quick catch up with Phil Howard, I also managed to meet up with a couple of people who did the Food Writing Course with me, Adrienne and Nova.  Great to hear what they’ve been up to and also to see Adrienne hard at work with School of Wok.

I’m quite sure this event will grow and grow in future years.  The Fair was constantly buzzing with a great flow of people coming and going from the event but never emptying out!  I’m not sure how much the event raises for Barnes Community Association‘s charity but we shall certainly be back next year to spend our pounds and pennies again.

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