Curious Incident of the Dog

I just love love loved reading this book.  I remember quite a lot of media out and about when it was first published.  Lots of excitement and chatter.   Mostly to ask if Mark Haddon had actually written the book himself or if it was written by someone else without being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome!  This spurred me on to read the book and find out more.  Just because someone has a disability doesn’t meant that they can’t function.

So when I read and loved the book I was completely in awe of Mark Haddon.  Firstly his ability to write a book when so many of us ‘have a book inside us’ but never actually concentrate long enough to write it down!  Secondly, his telling a story that was so personal and yet making us all understand, just a little bit more, about what it is to live with Asperger Syndrome.

Mum read it too and I remember lengthy conversations about the book for a long time after we both read it.

So a few days ago I was listening to the radio in the car.  The Olivier Awards were being broadcast and I heard that a play of this book was up for an award.  Obviously I’ve completely missed that this play even existed until I heard this.  Why had I not seen it yet?  What do they mean it’s nearing the end of the run?  Importantly, Mark Haddon was also involved in the stage production as well which spoke volumes about its authenticity to the book.

They won an award too… well actually they won all 7 awards that they’d been nominated for.  Wowza. (Guardian)

I had to see it before it closed.  First thing I did when I got back home was book two tickets.  The only two tickets remaining!  We’re up in the Gods in the back row but who cares.

Today I saw the play.  Incredible.  The set is truly quite something.  It’s fast paced and frenetic in parts.  The actors are mindblowingly brilliant.  How they remember all the lines.. particularly the lead played by Luke Treadaway.


It’s an absolute must to see.  It truly will make you think.  Rumours are the run is to be extended… let’s hope so.

Did you see it? What did you think?


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