Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson

Well done Issy for finding another place for a quirky and fabulous afternoon tea.  For some, truly odd, reason I’d not even heard of The Sanderson’s Mad Hatters Tea!  Where have I been?

Our table was dressed with the some extraordinary crockery, fabulous starched linen napkins and an array of cutlery.  Our waitress appeared quickly and presented to us a vintage book which contained our menu for afternoon tea.


We chose our tea (and bubbles) and soon the entertainment began!  We looked at our napkins which were neatly wrapped with a paper cuff revealing a riddle.


Next to arrive was our Tea.  Delicious and fragrant choices.  Sugarcubes were offered to us within a delightful little music box.

The afternoon tea was then presented to us with enormous flair and descriptions of each component explained.  Mighty tea indeed but each part recalling an element of the story from the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  What a fabulous idea.  Such fun.

Mad Hatters Tea Party May 2013

There was even a selection of fanciful jellies.

My only criticism, if there need be one, is that the tea is best for the sweetest palate!  Oh and don’t eat ANYTHING before you go.. it’s quite substantial!

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