Performing at the O2 with the Rock Choir

As you know I’m a member of the Rock Choir.  I’m still loving it.  I’m still enjoying our rehearsals every Wednesday where I escape from reality for a couple of hours and concentrate on learning the harmonies, the movements and the words.

Today was a special day.  We, collective Rock Choirs, performed at the O2 Arena in London.  How mad is that?  A few months ago I didn’t sing in public and now I’ve recorded at Abbey Road, sung at Royal Festival Hall and now the O2 together with smaller local gigs.

I believe there were approximately 7,000 Rock Choir members in the O2.  We were separated into our harmony parts around the arena and together with our choir leaders who were on stage sang our way through an 18 song repertoire.

What a truly amazing experience.

Rock Choir 02 July 2013 (click on thumbnail to see picture collage in full-size)

Here’s a link to some of the videos on YouTube created from the event:

The Rock Gods AKA the Rock Choir Men

And a performance of Starmaker by the Choir Leaders

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