Singing at Wembley Stadium

I’m still pinching myself.  How mad is it that I started singing with the Rock Choir a year ago and since then have sung at the O2, recorded at Abbey Road and now sung at Wembley Stadium?  What a hoot!

5,000 Rock Choir members were seated in the front few rows at Wembley Stadium.  We were grouped according to our vocal parts.  Before the game started our Rock Choir leaders took their positions facing us and signalled to remove our outer layers, thereby revealing us all in Rock Choir t-shirts.

We opened the evening’s entertainment with our Rock Choir rendition of ‘You’re the Voice’.  Then everyone joined in to sing Saracen’s anthem ‘Do you hear the people sing’ (a tailored version of the song from Les Miserables.

Then to see the first half of the Heineken Cup rugby match between Saracens and Toulouse.

At half time we performed ‘Living on a Prayer’.  The Vamps were also performing in the half-time break… but I think I’m a little old!

The second half of the rugby game was much faster and exciting.  Sadly (for Saracens) they lost by just one point.

Rock Choir - Wembley - 181013

I understand from those people that were watching the game on Sky that we sounded fabulous!   Our Rock Choir ‘Ring of Choir’ worked!

Loved the experience.  So much fun.

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