Colour in my life

Until this week I’d not really connected anxiety and colour in my life.  However, whilst I painted the final coat of colour to a garden shed I finally realised what I’ve been doing.  As many of you know I’ve had bright red hair at different times.  Often at times of anxiety such as the passing of a dear friend, Mum being ill and then at her passing.  Since then my health has reflected in colourful hair or colour in my garden!

I figured you’ve got a number of my pictures with red hair in the header of this website.  So here’s a few of the garden… the yellow shed having been painted whilst waiting for these latest results!  Hey, I clearly need colour in my life during moments of anxiety…

PS  Sheds were made by my brother’s company Bulldog Sheds & Fencing

PPS Paints were mixed and purchased from Crown Decorator Centre using Crown aluminium primer, Crown undercoat and Macpherson gloss (coloured accordingly).

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