Follow up appointment

This morning I attended the breast cancer clinic for an appointment following my recent biopsy.  As in the previous posting the pathology indicated that the ‘dots’ weren’t anything to worry about.  However I felt that I needed to understand why they had ‘suddenly’ appeared (they weren’t on previous mammogram); what they really are; are they connected to the sporadic breast pain; and, of course, truly believe that they weren’t the start of something more sinister.

She explained that the dots were calcifications which are small spots of calcium salts.  Calcifications develop naturally as breast tissue ages however can also form if there’s been an infection in or injury to, the breast.  The concern though is that sometimes they  form because of other changes in the breast such as a cyst or fibroadenoma or as an early sign of breast cancer.   (Breast Cancer Care have a leaflet which explains in more detail – here)

Because of my history of malignant phyllodes (which initially biopsied as benign fibroadenoma) and of DCIS all of which were removed in 2009, there was a concern that these new dots may well be indicating something awry.  Fortunately the pathology and consultants believe that these are purely calcium salt spots ie nothing to worry about.  That said, they were keen to ensure that I continued with my regular check up regimen so that any changes will be picked up early.

Next screening scans are booked in for January 2014… Bubbles anyone?

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