Research interviews

I was invited to undertake some research for a pharmaceutical company.  I’m not sure which one but was delighted to be asked, particularly as all the participants they asked are all cancer patients who have been diagnosed within the past 4 years and consider themselves currently in remission.  I fit all categories and was interested to hear the questions to understand what they wanted to know.

An hour of questions.  Predominently about the level of information, support and services available to me before, during and after my diagnosis.  Where did I seek information?  What sort of information did I find?  What would I have liked etc?

Importantly the interview went on to ask about what I would have liked to have found.  Where I would have liked to have found it.  What would improve the information.

I was able to speak not only from my personal experience but also using anecdotes that I’ve gleaned from all the people I’ve met online and in person.  I hope I was able to represent a number of people (and their carers and families) with the input I gave.

Overall I was pleased that a pharmaceutical company was looking for patient/carer engagement.  Our views.  Our opinions.  Our experiences etc.  Let’s hope the information provided and gleaned from my answers and other attendees will guide the pharmaceutical company to improve their services or indeed change the method of their delivery.

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