Surprise Surprise – Sharon Fox Cancer Centre

Sharon warned us to keep tonight free.  A short while ago she then told us to be near a TV.  She couldn’t hide it from us for much longer as ITV started telling us about the new series of Surprise Surprise… hell yeah!  Finally Sharon had a surprise played on her!


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sharon, through the Sharon Fox Cancer Centre, has played many ‘surprises’ on people.  Providing them with things that they dreamed of to do, have or be, during or after cancer treatment.  She’s even arranged an entire wedding in days for a lady with terminal cancer.

I said before in my entry in 2010 that Sharon is inspirational in her setting up Sharon Fox Cancer Centre.  Since then the Centre has grown, offering more services, running more support groups, moved premises (and is shortly to move again) and bought so much to the community of Tamworth.

Sharon herself has undergone further surgery, continues to remain positive about her own health and family but gives an extraordinary amount of time and effort to ensure that Sharon Fox Cancer Centre not only remains open but continues to thrive.

I’m so pleased she was honoured (& surprised) today and that she now has Michelle Mone as a mentor to help the Centre and Sharon move forward.

Oooh and the Dream Boys!


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