Every Day in May

As one challenge ends another begins.

“Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do.
and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything.”

“You must never limit your challenges… instead you must challenge your limits!!”


Last year you may remember that I took part in this challenge. Partly, of course, to add a few ££ to the funds raised for Royal Marsden. The total amount raised through this challenge last year was over £24,000 – well done all!

BUT it was also to challenge myself. I’ve been suffering hugely with fatigue, headaches, visual migraines and this has all added in no small part to bouts of depression and frustration. My thought was that by signing up to this challenge I would HAVE to get out every day not matter what the weather and walk, cycle, run, row, skip, jump, swim etc 5km every single day in May. 5km isn’t far and is so achievable…. but added to the list above I’d also hurt my knee in that fall in Australia and had an ongoing pain issue with my ankles which was excruciating on some days.

I did it though. Some days were so much harder than others. As always the sense of personal achievement is so much more than swollen ankles, fatigue and headaches.

This year the challenge is the same. Sign up for 5km or 10km every day during the month of May. The charity chosen this year is Interact – a stroke charity that do amazing hands-on work with stoke sufferers. They send professional actors to read to people who have had a stroke; helping the brain to re-wire and piece together memories and make sense of life again. For many stroke victims, young and old, their freedom is curtailed by the results of their stroke meaning they may not be able to enjoy the May sunshine, parks, flowers and colour.

So please join me in signing up for this challenge. An ‘entry-fee’ of £15 will enter you into the challenge and add to the money raised for Interact. You can, of course, raise additional sponsorship for your challenge however if you choose simply to do the challenge, donate your entry fee and maybe recruit some friends and family to do it with you, the donation pot will be swelled that way.

Find out more about ‘Every Day in May‘ – we can all achieve it
Twitter: @everydayinmay & @InterActReading
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5k10keverydayinmay & https://www.facebook.com/pages/InterAct-Reading-Service

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