End of my Old Skool Challenge for Penny Brohn

Today was the end of my sponsored weightloss challenge. Read more about the challenge here.

Drumroll please.  Total lost at the end of the challenge: 11.7kg which in ‘old money’ is 25.8lbs or 1.8st.  I’m pleased with what I’ve lost but tinged with a little disappointment that I didn’t manage to lose more.

I’m surprised that my ‘eat less and do more’ strategy together with the introduction of  juicing into my diet strategy and a week of juicing retreat that I’ve not lost more.

However I am super excited that my weightloss graph has continued to go down, albeit in small increments.


Thank you to everyone who sponsored me during this period. I know that Penny Brohn Cancer Care will appreciate every penny you donate and put it to great use supporting people diagnosed with cancer through their wonderful services.

Miranda, Chickle, MrFraig – pledged 50p/kg = £5.85 each
= Total £17.55
FB, Jen, Dad, Chris, Roli, Pageboy, Kelly, Nancy, Leigh – pledge £1/kg = £11.70 each
= Total £105.30
Issy, Dunc & Polly – pledged £2/kg = £23.40 each
= Total £70.20
Rich – if only I’d done lbs!
JohnS and Viv – £20 each paid up and donated to PBCC

Total pledged/donated – £233.05

Could each of you please donate your pledged amount directly to Penny Brohn Cancer Care? Either online at https://support.pennybrohn.org/singledonation or send a cheque payable to Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol, BS20 0HH

The amount of £233.05 raised will:

  • pay for a one day retreat at the Centre;
  • very nearly the whole cost of someone attending a Living Well Residential course;
  • 11 meals for people attending a course;
  • 8 hours of guided meditation and relaxation at the Centre;
  • nearly 5 people to attend a Taste of Bristol Approach course;
  • 9 people to attend a cookery/nutrition demonstration/session;
  • …and a whole heap more.

Seriously. Thank you. I know first hand the benefit of the services offered at Penny Brohn.

For those of you that said they’d sponsor me later…now’s your time! Please make a donation direct to Penny Brohn using the info above. 😉


Me… I’m going to continue with the diet strategy but in doing this I have learnt so much about ‘healthy’ eating and more particularly juicing. I’ll keep you posted x

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