The Sanctuary

Gosh I can’t quite believe the news.  Ok so I’m late to the party and completely missed the announcements a few months ago… but the Sanctuary Spa is closing!


The Spa has been part of my London life for many many many years.  Just a few cheeky examples of times there would be:

I took Mum one year as a treat.  We had a marvellous day mooching between the jacuzzi, steam room, swimming pool and of course treatment rooms.  We lunched together and felt totally pampered by the time we left in the late afternoon.  I can recall Mum saying how special she felt at having been treated to this day, spending it in a fluffy robe, being spoilt and how she’d never done anything so extravagant before.

I’ve been there with friends for spa days.  When you absolutely need some down time.  I love that no mobile phones were allowed in the spa and that you it meant that you couldn’t check your email or receive panic calls from the office.

I’ve been treated to days there by friends.  Most recently when I helped a friend’s parents organise, pack up and ship their possessions overseas and sell their family home when illness and frailty got too much to do the task themselves.  What a treat for me though and quite undeserved.  A day of pampering, a glass of bubbles, pampering treatments and luxury.

I’ve used the spa as a retreat when surprising people and returning to the UK from Australia.  It was a gem.  I used to get a flight landing at Heathrow in the early hours of the morning.  Piccadilly line into Covent Garden with my rucksack on my back.  Arrive at the Sanctuary and check-in for a day of jetlag recovery and spoiling.  Sleeping on the loungers in the warmth of the spa, drifting off whilst watching the carp fish swim beneath me.


Only for me to emerge from the spa in the early evening, rejuvenated, relaxed, jet-lag-free and ready for a party!

I was also a member of the Sanctuary Spa Gym for women.  It was probably in the early 90s when it first opened.  I remember it being wonderfully inexpensive and just the perfect place for me to work off some blubber (not that there was much then!).  I used to get the tube to Covent Garden in my gym gear early in the morning and do a class or gym session before a shower and short walk to the office.  Then I’d head straight back there after work for another workout, shower and change before going out on the town.  I can honestly say it’s the only gym I managed to get to 5 times a week – always with the promise that I was in town and near the bar afterward!  It was a great gym and I was so very unhappy when they finally realised they could charge a whole lot more than they had been to those of us who were there from the beginning.

So when they finally close the doors at the end of this month, it’ll be with a little sadness.  I’ve enjoyed many visits to the Sanctuary Spa with many people, many occasions but always feeling that little bit more wonderful for it.

sanctuary-spa swing

We shall all certainly miss the swing!

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