Bluebird Tea Company

As many of you know I love my teas.  I’m happy with a pot of PG and indeed friends visiting me in Australia were always requested to pack as many teabags as they could into their luggage!

But I’m also a great fan of more refined teas.  In my last job there was always my glass teapot and a selection of teas to choose from on or near my desk.  I love black teas, blends and interesting combinations including licorice and flowers.   Since my juicing, I’ve tried to steer clear of caffeine and am more likely to add a slice of lemon, lime or fennel to a mug of hot water or a few mint leaves.

HOWEVER I recently discovered the Bluebird Tea Company.  Tea Mixologists!  Whoohoo get that fancy title!

logo-newI love herbal teas too but not a fan of the fruity numbers.  So when I discovered some of the blends made by the Bluebird Tea Company I was a very happy bunny, particular favourite of mine is the Mojitea – which is peppermint and lime.

You can order their teas online OR take a trip to Brighton and find their shop amongst the Lanes.

We sampled quite a few teas today and although delicious, I had to purchase my fave to bring back home.  I was also delighted to see they blend their own Matcha and came away with a small pot of scrummy orange Matcha which I’m now adding to my juices.


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