Cirque du Soleil – Dralion

LargeContentImageTonight I had my Cirque du Soleil cherry well and truly popped!  Well to be honest it was about time and I think I’m the last one to discover the incredible feats of acrobatics that are performed by the crew.

The show is on at the O2 in London only until 8th June and I’m quite sure the tickets are scarce and hard to come by.  The O2 has been set up so that the performance takes place in the centre with a backdrop forward from the usual stage and presumably full of musicians, equipment and stretching mats!

We  were fortunate enough to be dead centre to the stage and only a few rows back so felt as if we were well and truly in the action.


The story of Dralion draws the inspiration from Eastern philosophy and harmony between humans and nature.  There are four elements that govern the natural order and these are represented by colour in the performance; air is blue, water is green, fire is red and earth is ochre.

I think the philosophy however was lost on us and didn’t become any clearer throughout the performance.  I read the above when I got home!

Not understanding the storyline didn’t make any difference to my enjoyment and awe of the acrobatics.  Amazing!

Definitely worth going, if you’re able to get tickets, just to see the feat of human strength, contortion and showmanship.

images-11 dralion001 d1 dralion-aerial-pas-de-deux1 ven01_ja_24feb_5dralion


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