Polo in the Park

Family day at the Polo in the Park, Hurlingham Park, London started at 11.30 this morning when I was first in line to get into the Park with some rugs and suntan lotion.  I found a spot right by the pitch sideline and spread the rugs out.  We were near the children’s area, a short walk from the toilet block and in the other direction the food and drink outlets.  Perfect spot for a day at the polo.

Via an offer of substantially discounted tickets on LivingSocial we managed to round up a few friends with and without families for a day at the polo.  There was plenty of activity on the pitch for the children whilst everyone arrived – huge great big bouncy castles, children entertainers, games and sports competitions.  This was followed by a jousting display (gosh they must have been hot in their outfits!) and then the first polo match between Beijing and Sydney.  The polo play had been slightly simplified for Hurlingham and because of a smaller pitch they also only had 3 players on each team.  This didn’t however stop the fast and furious play on the pitch.  Throughout the day there were three different matches with little breaks for us and, of course for the polo ponies and teams.

So lovely to spend the day with some very special people drinking Pimms, enjoying lots of chats and conversations and, of course, watching some great polo.  A little hot at times for us all and I, for one, have an ‘interesting’ red-tinged tan!

I think this collage of pictures sums up our day beautifully.

Hurlingham Polo

An amazing day with amazingly wonderful friends.

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