Button obsession

Firstly I should say a huge thank you to my friend, Miranda, for passing on her obsession with buttons and crafting to me!  We spent a Saturday afternoon in late November making Christmas cards with buttons.  Finding designs on Pinterest and the internet that we could copy or give us inspiration to change and then create ourselves.  A very patient Pete (Miranda’s hubby) watched the sport on TV whilst trying to block out our nattering and excitement as we successfully created a new card design.

Since then I’ve been sewing and sticking to my hearts content.  A wonderful way to spend time in front of the TV creating and writing each and every card.

I think everyone is in shock that they’ve got a card, let alone that they’ve been handmade and posted on 1 December.

IMG_7437 Xmas cards

I should ask everyone to put the cards away with their Christmas decorations in January and get it out again next year and the year after… this may be the only Christmas card they ever receive from me!

I even did a special one for the tennis club with a net sewn with green embroidery thread.

Tennis card

Oooh I’ve also made a Christmas wreath.  I’ve loved using old buttons that were my Mums and Granny’s.  I had a big old cotton bag full of buttons that have been gathered over years.  I’ve especially loved that some of the buttons I remember on Mums jackets and Granny’s coats.  I love that they’ve been incorporated into my Christmas wreath.

Xmas wreathSo right now I’m feeling a little lost… what do I create with buttons now?  I need a new project… I’ve got a few ideas but I also need more buttons.  Have you got a selection of odd buttons loitering in a drawer that you don’t know what to do with?  Send them to me please… 🙂

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