My very special Christmas Tree

I don’t usually bother with a Christmas tree in my little London flat.  Most years I’m heading out to family, too busy or ignoring Christmas entirely.  This year though I’ve really entered into the spirit.

Christmas cards have been made by hand, written and sent.

Christmas presents bought and wrapped.  With those that needed to be mailed have been sent and received by the recipients ready for Christmas.

A Christmas tree has been made too and decorated with some very special ornaments.  I chose some canes wrapped in willow for the ‘tree’.  I’ve then wrapped silver wire around the canes to represent the branches.  From the silver ‘branches’ I’ve hung decorations that are very special:

  • Some were Mums and had hung on her Christmas trees over the years.
  • Some were made by Mum from old Christmas cards.
  • Some have been received from around the world from my Phyllodes ‘Sisters’.  Each year our Phyllodes Support Group host a Christmas Ornament exchange between members.  Names are selected at random and distributed.  Decorations are bought and sent by mail around the world.  Over the years I’ve received some truly special ones from some amazing people who’ve also been diagnosed with this rare sarcoma cancer.  Some ornaments were sent to me from ‘Sisters’ who are no longer with us.


It may not be straight or have perfect symmetry in the decorations but it’s super special to me.  Suffice it to say that I love my very special Christmas Tree.


1 thought on “My very special Christmas Tree

  1. How very lovely. You are one talented lady and in more ways than one. Your Christmas card to us is fab. Thank you

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